Dollar General Penny List 2/2/2021 – HUGE LIST

Dollar General Penny List 2/2/2021

What’s the Dollar General Penny List? We have penny lists from Friday, January 29, 31 (yes! Friday and Sunday!) and Tuesday, February 2! This is it! Bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! And come back each week to see what’s new.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

  • No Tuesday penny list this week

Sunday, January 31, 2021 *Surprise Pennies*

These are dollar aisle penny items (meaning, they’re things you find in the dollar aisle). Tip: Scan everything in your dollar aisle!

  • Dr Spa bath salts UPC 895697000217
  • Bounty Essentials UPC 037000746577 (don’t miss the 25 cent digital app coupon!)
  • DG Home Ultra Fabric Softener UPC 849607063205
  • Lemon Scented Crystal Gel UPC 635672320134
  • Spic and Span Multi-Surface Cleaner Midnight Meadow UPC 811435004880
  • SpaSoap Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash UPC 854274360032
  • Int Nat Ess Oil Sha 16.9 Shampoo Mx Cs Oil UPC 795144079591
  • Spic and Span Multi-Surface Cleaner Blossoming Romance Meadow UPC 811435000028
  • Ultra Ajax Dish Soap Winter Citrus Burst UPC 035000446893
  • Ultra Ajax Dish Soap Frosted Apple Burst UPC 035000446909
  • Ultr Ajax Dish Soap Spring Pear Splash UPC 035000446541
  • Ajax Classic Detergent powder – 20 loads – UPC 845514044009
  • Spic and Span Multi-Surface Cleaner Apple Fiesta UPC 811435006006
  • VO5 Volumizer conditioner UPC 816559014227
  • Soft Whisper Mango Bamboo body wash UPC 815195014400
  • Pinalen Dishwashing Liquid Cucumber Rush UPC 043152024012
  • DG Plastic Cups, 16 ct, UPC 031779008034
  • Leather Power Stick body wash & shampoo UPC 815195013120
  • Perfect Purity body bath Body wash Lemon grass grapefruit UPC 077443560187
  • Ironclad Tall Kitchen bags UPC 011217000202
  • Summer Sun Fab Laundry Detergent UPC 845514023011
  • Classic Oxydol Laundry Detergent Meadow Fresh UPC 805752356180
  • Oxydol Liquid Laundry Detergent Tropical Blossom UPC 805752356326
  • Blistex Orange Mango Blast UPC 041388850009
  • Blistex Herbal Answer UPC 041388004594
  • Clorox Fraganzia dish soap UPC 742797788203
  • Renuzit Spring Break UPC 023400060941
  • Mini 150 ct Cotton SW Buds Swabs Minnie Mouse UPC 0837725641307
  • Homebright Heavy Starch UPC 849607010360
  • Riptide Hair and Body Wash UPC 819324020942
  • Body Wash Island Nectar UPC 077443590184
  • VV Cookie Cutters 4 pk Houseware plastic UPC 846145025856
  • 6 oz Sofial the First Body Wash UPC 692237082104
  • Hatchimals Licensed Handsoap UPC 889628043220
  • Intimate Emoji Fhs Berry Foam Handsoap UPC 795144079721
  • Intimate Emoji Fsh Watermelon Foam Handsoap UPC 795144079738
  • Solo 10-inch paper plates 8 pack UPC 041165004632

Friday, January 29, 2021

  • Eckrich Turkey Oven Roasted 9oz – 27815002197
    • Cooked Ham 8oz – 46600009760
    • Turkey 4×6 8oz – 46600009791
    • Turkey Honey 80z – 27815004375
    • Ham Pouch 12oz – 27815411081
    • Turkey Smoked 8oz – 2781500438

Of course, look for these items in DG Stores near you. This can vary by location, so we call it a YMMV (your mileage may vary – not everyone will find the same deals). Lastly, don’t forget to Bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! Then, you won’t miss all the penny items including the surprise pennies!

The past few weeks have been huge lists, so be sure to check it out and the past few weeks before that. You never know where there might be a penny item hiding!

Need help identifying which things will penny? Read our Dollar General Penny Item Master List!

Extra tip: Be sure to watch for Dollar General store remodel clearance! They are clearing out everything at HUGE discounts. Only those stores being remodeled are having those sales.

Of course, some of these things have pennied previously. But, check if you’re there!



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