Dollar General Penny List 12/22/2020 *Huge List of Surprise Pennies Available NOW!*

Dollar General Penny List 12/22/2020 *Huge List of Surprise Pennies Available NOW!*

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Of course, look for these items in DG Stores near you. This can vary by location, so we call it a YMMV (your mileage may vary – not everyone will find the same deals).

Penny List

  • Harvest Seasonal
  • Harvest Home and Decor
  • Harvest Stationery
  • Harvest Party

Surprise Pennies, Valid NOW

  • Zatarain’s Fish Fri Seasoned UPC 071429024373
  • Zatarains Liquid Shrimp Boil 8 oz UPC 071429145122
  • Valentina Hot Sauce Blk label 12.5 oz UPC 097339000061
  • Zatarains fish Fri Crispy 12 oz UPC 71429026223
  • Zuko Lime Drink Mix 14.1 oz UPC 830108702403
  • On the Border Tajin Clasico Chip 8 oz UPC 781138771085
  • Mission Tortilla Caseras Casra Flour Torillas UPC 73731004012
  • Mission Soft Taco 10 ct Flour Tortillas UPC 73731001028
  • Knorr Tomato Chicken Bouillon UPC 48001711129
  • Louisiana Chicken Fry 9 oz UPC 39156000138
  • Bocadin Wafer Cookie Chocolate 6.61 oz UPC 25046087044
  • Pico Diana Especial Powder UPC 665918010246
  • Bocadin Wafer Cookie Chocoate 6.61 oz UPC 25046087044
  • Damy Peanut Crunch Montes Damy Pb Crunch 4 oz UPC 24142002906
  • Laposse Btr Café Caramel Candy Butter Coffee UPC 717557008228
  • Laposse Btr Rum Candy Butter Rum UPC 717557007221
  • Lapsse Assorted Filled Candy 3 oz UPC 717557002226
  • La Preferida Mild Green Chiles 4 oz UPC 071524160075
  • Pace Picante Sauce Medium 24 oz UPC 041565000241
  • Clover Valley Chicken and Stars Condensed Soup UPC 75200300335
  • Clover Valley Vegetable Condensed Soup UPC 75200300175
  • Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Flavor Noodle Soup value pack (3 oz) 12 pack UPC 070662015032
  • Kleenex Cube Facial 55 ct (find in dollar aisle) UPC 06300373639
  • All Mighty Pacs Laundry detergent – Island Dreams 64 ct UPC 072613465859
  • All Power Core Tough Odor 14 ct UPC 072613463787
  • Comfy Bay Jumbo Satin Bed Pillow UPC 015092431441
  • Cbay Bed Pllw Classic Comfort M0199 UPC 015092821365 (white with blue package)
  • Cbay Bed Pllw Classic Comfort M0199 UPC 015092280711 (all white package)
  • Pinesol Pine Cleaner 9.5 oz (find in Value Valley aka dollar aisle) UPC 041294973885
  • Nutro Dry Dog Food Chicken, Rice & Potato 5 lb UPC 079105116466
  • Johnsons Detangle Spray 10 oz UPC 381371175758
  • Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion 13.6 fl oz UPC 3811371174614
  • SDG Baby Saline Mist 3 oz UPC 85495400247
  • Nuby Teether Gumeez UPC 048526006182
  • Discontinued: Clearasil Ultra Facial Pads 5-in-1 90 ct UPC 839977006438


Need help identifying which things will penny? Read our Dollar General Penny Item Master List!

Extra tip: Be sure to watch for stores undergoing remodels! They are clearing out everything at HUGE discounts. Only those stores being remodeled are having those sales. Of course, some of these things have pennied previously. But, check if you’re there!

What is Dollar General Penny List?

While some stores don’t know how to do clearance, DG is one of the best. Penny Items are just what they sound like, they’re marked down to only 1 cent! Brace yourself, this could be you! LOL!

How Can You Get Products for a Penny?

Tips: Get there early! Try getting to the store right when they open on Tuesday (or whichever day it is, based on your location and whether Tuesday was a Holiday). And don’t forget, you can get DG store coupons on their website and app! Of course, be sure to see our Dollar General Penny Item Master List for tips & tricks to penny shop!

Why Penny Items Clearance?

Penny Items at Dollar General have either been hard to sell, are discontinued products or after Holiday close outs. Maybe in some areas a certain product doesn’t sell. For example, DG will mark them down in steps, all the way down to 90% off clearance. Then, if there’s any left, they discount them to a penny. Often, manufacturers will stop making a certain product. Maybe it’s Tide and they want to change the scent. Or, maybe they change the size of the product. Either way, they’ll discontinue the old version. And as a result, they’ll close them out all the way down to the 1¢ sale. Of course, Holiday close-outs are popular in most stores. For example, after Valentine’s Day, stores close out chocolates and candy, and other holiday-themed items at a step-down sale discount. In other words, they’ll start at maybe 50% off, and after a set amount of time they’ll increase the discount to 75% off and so on. It’s at the end of those mark-downs that the penny items happen! The reason DG discounts all the way to a penny is to alert sales associates that it’s time to pull the merchandise from store shelves, to be donated to places such as Goodwill, or to be destroyed.

View the Official Penny List Store Policy Here

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