Dollar General Penny List December 7, 2021

Dollar General Penny List 2021

Dollar General Penny List December 7, 2021

Penny List for December 7 2021: What’s the Dollar General Penny List? You’ve found the newest 12/7/21 penny lists!  Bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! And come back each week to see what’s new.


Dollar General Penny List Dec. 7, 2021

Looking for a different date? Have a question (like, what is NCI?) Items usually stay a penny, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years — so, check all of the older lists in our master list too!

  • Back To School
  • Bic Marker Dry Erase 4ct – UPC 70330328563
  • Bic Marker Kids 10ct – UPC 70330365421
  • Houseware Lunch Bag Dual Comprtmnt 1ct – UPC 768410555700
  • Licensed Backpack Ast 1ct – UPC 840716216025
  • Licensed Lunch Bag Ast 1ct – UPC 840716216049
  • Loctite Mounting Putty Fun-Tack 80unit/1ct – UPC 79340647435
  • Sharpie Highlighter Accent Pckt 4ct – UPC 71641271746
  • Sharpie Pens Note 6ct – UPC 71641186675
  • Sharpie Roller Pen Black 2ct – UPC 71641171336
  • Stationery Backpack $8 1ct – UPC 89305087473
  • Stationery Backpack 5 In 1 Ast 1ct – UPC 430001265397
  • Stationery Backpack Animal 1ct – UPC 89305280430
  • Stationery Backpack Animal Ast 1ct – UPC 430001265427
  • Stationery Backpack Boys Ast 1ct – UPC 430001265403
  • Stationery Backpack Deluxe Ast 1ct – UPC 430001265380
  • Stationery Backpack Fashion Ast 1ct – UPC 430001265441
  • Stationery Backpack Girls Ast 1ct – UPC 430001265410
  • Stationery Backpack Small Ast 1ct – UPC 400003410385
  • Stationery Glitter Wand Pen 1ct – UPC 430001479930
  • Stationery Icepack Novelty Ast 2ct – UPC 810748033730
  • Stationery Lunch Kit Ast Colors 1ct – UPC 430001265458
  • Stationery Planner Fash Student Ast 1ct – UPC 806008718189
  • Stationery Rainbow Gel Jewel Pen 1ct – UPC 430001479985
  • Stationery Spiral Planner Student Ast 1ct – UPC 806008718165
  • Unbranded Backpack Colorblock Ast 1ct – UPC 768410268396
  • Unbranded Lunch Bag 6 Can – UPC 768410429100


TIP: download the free Dollar General official app. Point the barcode scanner in your official Dollar General app at the bar codes and then click “Change” next to your store to search all the stores in your area for these pretty pennies!

What is Dollar General Penny List?

While some stores don’t know how to do clearance, DG is one of the best. Penny Items are just what they sound like, they’re marked down to only 1 cent!

How Can You Get Products for a Penny?

Tips: Get there early! Try getting to the store right when they open on Tuesday (or whichever day it is, based on your location and whether Tuesday was a Holiday).

And don’t forget, you can get DG store coupons on their website and app! Be sure to consult the Dollar General Coupon Policy.

Don’t miss our tips on how to find a Dollar General store remodel clearance, because you could find tons of pennies!

Brace yourself, this could be you! LOL!

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Of course, look for these items in DG Stores near you. This can vary by location, so we call it a YMMV (your mileage may vary – not everyone will find the same deals).

Extra tip: Be sure to watch for Dollar General store remodel clearance! They are clearing out everything at HUGE discounts. Only those stores being remodeled are having those sales.

Of course, some of these things have pennied previously. But, check if you’re there!


Check out the Master Penny List for other dates! Items usually stay a penny, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years — so, check all of the older lists in our master list too!

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