Dollar General Penny List – February 2021 Seasonal Markdowns

Dollar General Penny List 2/16/2021

What’s the Dollar General Penny List? We have the newest penny lists from Tuesday, February 16, 2021!  Bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! And come back each week to see what’s new.

CURRENT D0llar General Markdowns

Looking for a different date? Here’s the whole Dollar General Penny Item Master List! Remember, all of these are by store, and not all stores will follow exactly the same schedule.

Fall/Winter Markdowns starting NOW

  • Home 25% off
  • Hardware 25% off
  • Gift Sets 50-70% off
  • Gray Dot Clothing 50% off
  • Blue Dot Clothing 50% off

Seasonal Markdowns starting 2/16

  • Christmas Candy 25% off
  • Valentine’s Candy 25% off
  • Holiday juice 25% off
  • Valentine’s Seasonal 50% off
  • Valentine’s Party/Stationery 50% off
  • Val Socks 50% off

Home Markdowns starting 2/19 – 2/21

  • Brown Dot Home 50% off, including:
    • Bedding
    • Bath rugs
    • Housewares
    • Blankets & Throws
    • Home Decor

Of course, look for these items in DG Stores near you. This can vary by location, so we call it a YMMV (your mileage may vary – not everyone will find the same deals). Lastly, don’t forget to Bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! Then, you won’t miss all the penny items including the surprise pennies!

The past few weeks have been huge lists, so be sure to check it out and the past few weeks before that. You never know where there might be a penny item hiding!

Need help identifying which things will penny? Read our Dollar General Penny Item Master List!

Extra tip: Be sure to watch for Dollar General store remodel clearance! They are clearing out everything at HUGE discounts. Only those stores being remodeled are having those sales.

Of course, some of these things have pennied previously. But, check if you’re there!


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