Dollar General Penny List March 1, 2022 (HUGE!)

Dollar General Penny List 2021

Dollar General Penny List March 1, 2022

Penny List for March 1, 2022: What’s the Dollar General Penny List? You’ve found the newest 3/1/22 penny lists!  Bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! And come back each week to see what’s new.


Dollar General Penny List Mar. 1, 2022

Looking for a different date? Have a question (like, what is NCI?) Items usually stay a penny, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years — so, check all of the older lists in our master list too!

  • Christmas Carryover Candy
  • Holiday Fall/Winter Gift Sets
  • Holiday Juice
  • Purple Tag Gift Sets
  • Valentine Seasonal
  • Valentine Socks
  • Valentine Stationery/Party
  • Valentine’s Candy
  • 7” Cute Gnomes Valentines Day Party Plates 8 ct UPC 430001597306
  • Axe Phoenix Git Set Men, 3 pc UPC 079400486707
  • Bhpc W Frag 4 pc Pen Set BH Poloclub w fragrance 4 pc Roller Ball Pen Set 1 ct UPC 810017211814
  • BIC Flex 5 Titanium Mens disposable razor gift set 8 pc UPC 070330747234
  • BIC Hybrid Flex 4 Titanium Mens Disposable razor gift set 14 pc UPC 070330747494
  • BIC Soleil Click 4 womens disposable razor set 14 pc UPC 070330747470
  • Body Fantasies 3 pc Fragrance Body Spray gift set classic florals UPC 192624005179
  • Body Fantasies 3pc Fragrance Body Spray Gift Set – Lovely Scents UPC – 192624002932
  • Calgon Spa Indulgence Set Hawaii Ginger 1ct UPC 815802021470
  • Conair Hair Accessory 8 pc Silver Conair Hair brush 1 ct UPC 074108429797
  • Crayola Mix & Match Bath Foam Animals set, 36 pc UPC 889628108479
  • DIY Suncatcher kit UPC 430001597306
  • Dorall w Fragrance 5pc gift set mini 1 ct UPC 810030133247
  • Freeman Beauty Bag Refresh & Glow Face Mask Kit 5 pc UPC 079625430653
  • Freeman Face Mask 2 pk set Tube-Peony Freeman facial UPC – 079625430585
  • Freeman Facial mask sheets – Gold Brighten 1 ct UPC – 079625430844
  • Freeman Renew & relax face Mask Kit 12 pc UPC 079625430714
  • Kellogg’s All Together Flavored Lip Balm Gift Set 8 pc UPC 190430042180
  • L.A. Colors 24 color bare eyeshadow palette UPC 081555431471
  • L.A. Colors Beauty Nail Lounge 10 pc Set UPC – 081555431686
  • L.A. Colors Mani mix 4 pc nail polish set UPC 081555431457
  • Lic Kids Body wash Cocomelon Licensed Kids Body Wash Coco Melon 8 oz – UPC 889628115279
  • Lic Kids Gloss Bag-LOL Licensed Kids Lip Gloss with Pouch LOL Surprise 1 ct UPC – 190430047000
  • Lic Kids Gloss Mold-Boo Licensed kids lip gloss molded blow pop 1 ct UPC 190430032624
  • Licensed Kids body wash Blues Clues 8 oz UPC 889628115255
  • Licensed Kids Body Wash Frozen 8 oz UPC 889628115262
  • Licensed Kids body wash Paw Patrol UPC 883628114388
  • Licensed Kids Body wash PJ Masks 8 oz UPC – 889628076303
  • Licensed kids lip gloss molded Mountain Dew 1 ct UPC 190430047277
  • Licensed Kids Lipgloss Bag Frozen with pouch 1 ct UPC 190430046997
  • Licensed Kids lipgloss molded Gushers 1 ct UPC 190430047260
  • Licensed Kids lipgloss Molded Reeses 1 ct UPC 190430047284
  • Licensed Kids P O Nails Minion p/o fake nails Despicable Me UPC 719565455681
  • Licensed Lip balm Humongous Jolly Rancher 1 ct UPC 190430046942
  • Mari Shave Set 3 pc man grooming shave cream, gel 3 pc set UPC 6952457410021
  • Mini Valentines Holiday Events with saying 1 ct UPC 430001596880
  • My Beauty Spot Nail Lip sets diet puppy 1ct UPC 849525101454
  • Onyx Hand Cream 5pc Purple Onyx Pro 1 ct UPC 717937326935
  • Onyx Personal care 4pc set swish f/c personal care champ wish 1 ct UPC 717937727961
  • Onyx Professional slipper set lavender 4 pc UPC 717937727688
  • Pepsi Brand Flavored Lip balm gift set 8 pc UPC 190430043163
  • Spas L Therapy Kit MH St Spascriptions Liptherapy Kit M Honey S Berry 2 ct UPC 814655035580
  • Spascriptions Spa Day Treats set 4 pc UPC 814655036570
  • Stetson Body Fragrance Gift Set 2 pc UPC 810023672050
  • STS Bath set Floral 3 pc Studio Select body wash, lotion, spray UPC 6952457410014
  • STS Body Care Duo Set Studio Select Body Care gift set 1 ct UPC 843736108400
  • Studio Selection Fragrance Body wash for women gift et Sweetpea Garden & Warm Vanilla 2 pc UPC 840030620867
  • Valentine Google Eye exchange card with novelty ast 14 ct UPC 430001598228
  • Valentine’s Day Diecut Felt Heart decor -ast UPC 430001597856
  • Valentine’s day luggage tag decor – assorted UPC 430001397788
  • Valentines day luggage tags ast UPC 430001597788
  • Valentines Day Mini Gnome – assorted UPC 430001597696
  • Valentines Exchange card with lovely ast 14 ct UPC 430001598211
  • Valentines Skateboard Exchange card with novelty ast 14 ct UPC 430001598228

Be sure to scan everything! All Holiday items will eventually be marked down; especially gift sets, decor and food/candy.

TIP: download the free Dollar General official app. Point the barcode scanner in your official Dollar General app at the bar codes and then click “Change” next to your store to search all the stores in your area for these pretty pennies!

What is Dollar General Penny List?

While some stores don’t know how to do clearance, DG is one of the best. Penny Items are just what they sound like, they’re marked down to only 1 cent!

How Can You Get Products for a Penny?

Tips: Get there early! Try getting to the store right when they open on Tuesday (or whichever day it is, based on your location and whether Tuesday was a Holiday).

And don’t forget, you can get DG store coupons on their website and app! Be sure to consult the Dollar General Coupon Policy.

Don’t miss our 2022 Dollar General Clearance Event Schedule! And, check out our tips on how to find a Dollar General store remodel clearance, because you could find tons of pennies!

Brace yourself, this could be you! LOL!

Of course, look for these items in DG Stores near you. This can vary by location, so we call it a YMMV (your mileage may vary – not everyone will find the same deals).

Of course, some of these things have pennied previously. But, check if you’re there!


Check out the Master Penny List for other dates! Items usually stay a penny, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years — so, check all of the older lists in our master list too!

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