Dollar General Penny List March 29, 2022

Dollar General Penny List 2021

Dollar General Penny List March 29, 2022

Penny List for March 29, 2022: What’s the Dollar General Penny List? You’ve found the newest 3/29/22 penny lists!  Bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! And come back each week to see what’s new.


Dollar General Penny List Mar. 29, 2022

Tip: scan these with the official Dollar General app (free in app stores) to help locate!

  • Fall Hardware 70% off
    • Fall Hardware DG Hardware Timer Mechanical 1ct UPC 430000853571
    • DG Hardware Timer Outdoor 1ct UPC 430000853915
    • DG Hardware Extensn Cord Fir Tap 9ft 1ct UPC 430001174514
    • DG Hardware Extensn Cord 15ft Outdr 1ct UPC 430001174521
  • Winter Hardware 90% off
    • Hardware Ice Melt Rock Salt 20 lb UPC 41482247064
    • Prestone De-Icer Spray 11oz UPC 52948004824
    • Little Hotties Warmer Hand 1ct UPC 96506070388
    • Little Hotties Warmer Toe 1ct UPC 96506070395
    • Little Hotties Warmer Body 1ct UPC 96506070029
    • Frost King Sheeting Plastic 1ct UPC 42351512009
    • Hot Hands Warmer Hands 2ct UPC 400002726432
    • Hardware Ice Melt Traction 20 lb UPC 41582296702
    • Emsco Ice Scraper 9in 1ct UPC 72358170018
    • Hardware Ice Scraper W/Brush 1ct UPC 430001174279
    • Hot Hands Hand Warmers 3ct UPC 94733070669
    • Little Hotties Warmers Hand/BodyDsply 1ct UPC 96506074263
    • Duck Brand Weather Seal Duck XL Foam 1ct UPC 75353089750
  • St. Patrick’s Day 50% off
    • St Pat Dancing Solar St Pats Solar 1ct UPC 430001406424
    • St Pat Gel Clings St Pats Solar St 1ct UPC 430001406462
    • ST Pat Hat 4 pk UPC 430001406592
    • St Pat Necklace UPC 430001406752
    • St Pat St Pt Silce UPC 430001408190
    • St Pats Button Pin UPC 430001408206
    • St Pat Hair Extension clip on UPC 430001408336
    • St Pat Necklace UPC Lilupast UPC 430001408459
    • St Pat ST Patricks Coins UPC 430001647032
    • St Patricks Felt Hat UPC 430001647049
    • St Patricks Headband 1ct UPC 430001647056
    • St Patricks St Pats Gnome Leprechan uPC 430001647063
    • St Patricks Headband Crazy 1ct UPC 430001647070
    • St Patricks Tinsol Clover 1ct UPC 430001647087
    • St Patricks Necklace Shamrock 3ct UPC 430001647094
    • St Patricks Necklace 3ct UPC 430001647100
    • St Patricks Garland Tinsal 9ft UPC 43000164117
    • St Patricks Shot Glasses Mini 16ct UPC 430001647124
    • St Pats 1ct St Patricks Pu Stickers Embossed 1ct UPC 430001647186
  • Super Bowl 50% off
  • Calendars 50% off
  • No new penny items this week

Be sure to scan everything! All Holiday items will eventually be marked down; especially gift sets, decor and food/candy.

TIP: download the free Dollar General official app. Point the barcode scanner in your official Dollar General app at the bar codes and then click “Change” next to your store to search all the stores in your area for these pretty pennies!

What is Dollar General Penny List?

While some stores don’t know how to do clearance, DG is one of the best. Penny Items are just what they sound like, they’re marked down to only 1 cent!

How Can You Get Products for a Penny?

Tips: Get there early! Try getting to the store right when they open on Tuesday (or whichever day it is, based on your location and whether Tuesday was a Holiday).

And don’t forget, you can get DG store coupons on their website and app! Be sure to consult the Dollar General Coupon Policy.

Don’t miss our 2022 Dollar General Clearance Event Schedule! And, check out our tips on how to find a Dollar General store remodel clearance, because you could find tons of pennies!

Brace yourself, this could be you! LOL!

Of course, look for these items in DG Stores near you. This can vary by location, so we call it a YMMV (your mileage may vary – not everyone will find the same deals).

Of course, some of these things have pennied previously. But, check if you’re there!


Check out the Master Penny List for other dates! Items usually stay a penny, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years — so, check all of the older lists in our master list too!

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